Printhaus: Discovering the Art of Collaboration

Screenprint 1

Lack of knowledge in one area does not, I realise, mean that I can’t go there. Having completed a fab beginners course on screen printing at Printhaus on Llandaff Road, I decided to forgo hours of trial and error (and wasted ink and paper) and sign up instead for a 1-2-1 session. It was a revelation!

Screenprint 5

I met up with Shaun for a half hour cup of tea and a chat. We looked at my images, and with his help, realised that some photos were much more suitable than others for this process. Through discussion, we decided on A1 prints (yes – bigger is better in this instance) and a coarse mesh. The finer mesh produces such a good image you might as well consider digital printing instead… This process of discussion really helped me to focus on what I wanted to achieve.

We decided to go for 4 screens and 10 prints off each, sticking with black ink on white paper after much discussion about the alternatives. I prepared my four prints digitally for best effect, bumping up the contrast and forfeiting some of the detail in return for more graphic imagery. Shaun then turned them into half-tone images – a process of turning a greyscale image into black dots which can transfer to the screen. This is the same process which has been used by newspapers for decades which pleased me greatly.

Version 3

On arrival for the first day’s printing my A1 transparencies were waiting for me. I was gobsmacked at their impact and spent too long (probably) gazing at them. Seeing these images in a new way will encourage me to further abstraction down the road.

Screenprint 4

I was encouraged to do as much of the process as I felt able to, but I left Shaun to do the actual prints. It’s harder than it looks. Especially at this size! Don’t you love those screens with the negative images?!

Screenprint 6

Final prints. The concrete in half tone on a rough mesh is gorgeous.

Screenprint 7

A visual trick. The out of focus areas in half tone still give the same effect. How does that work?

Screenprint 2

Beautifully framed by Free Range Framing in The Bone Yard round the corner. Thanks Kath.