I’m new to WordPress, so this website is a Work in Progress in much the same way as my photography is. And my subject is!

For the last couple of years, I have been taking photographs of the huge development at what is now known as Central Square in Cardiff, and what most of us still think of as the bus station.

My interest in the area stems from watching change come to the city centre, and noticing that, with the development at St Davids II, a lot of our public streets became private space. Friends of mine were prevented from leafleting. My son was prevented from busking. The city – even open air – was becoming privatised.

Although my photography started off from a place of suspicion, I have developed a real fondness for the area and really enjoy watching the changes that take place. This makes me feel conflicted, as I am still worried about the creeping privatisation, the lack of clear plans for the bus station etc., but I am also becoming excited.  I enjoy speaking to the builders I trip across who’s enthusiasm for the project they are working on is palpable.

I use a Nikon film camera with a 50mm lens and FP4 35mm film. Old school. I have been making zines over the last year, photocopying my prints. My photos on this website are grouped and named to reflect these zines.