Getting back into the swing

Version 2

It would be fair to say that after my initial flurry of activity setting up this website back in March 2018, it has not seen any action.

It is not because I haven’t been busy. Far from it. Since the loss of my darkroom facilities last March, I learnt in triple quick time how to digitise my 35mm negatives and manipulate them on my brand new (then) MacBook Pro. I also learnt Instagram and WordPress. None of this stuff comes naturally to me, so once up and running I heaved a great sigh of relief and promptly forgot all about it.

Meanwhile, I have been enjoying creating linocuts, silk screen prints (with a little – ok – a LOT of help) and taking lots more photos – mainly, but not exclusively, of the continuing developments at Central Square in Cardiff.

My current mode of working is to develop my negs in the dark of the night in my bathroom and hang them up over the bath – about as old school as it gets. From then on it is all digital as things stand. I would love to get back to darkroom prints. There really is nothing like them. But for now this does have its advantages.

I have quite a backlog of photographs to put on this website. While I sort that out I’ll write occasional blog posts with gloriously de-contextualised images. Hope you enjoy the one here!

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